The Cat That Learned To Brush His Teeth

If we told you that one very special cat learned how to brush his teeth, you likely wouldn’t believe us, but somehow, it’s a true story, so you better be ready to hear it and make sense of it in any way that you can. Stephanie Isidro’s adorable cat, Achilles proves that cats are one seriously willful creature and that we humans are apparently not the only ones out there that want to have beautiful pearly whites as we smile.  Achilles has learned to brush his teeth from his mother, Stephanie after he began to copy her during her morning routine. 

Achilles would follow Stephanie into the bathroom and would watch her every step from the counter. One day, when Stephanie’s sisters came for a visit, they put their toothbrushes in the same holder. Achilles was clearly waiting for this opportunity to have his own toothbrush too, and he shocked us all by jumping up onto the bathroom counter, taking the brush and actually brushing his teeth like his human owner! Stephanie was completely over the moon, shocked at both his incredible intelligence and at the fact that he just used her sister’s toothbrush….yikes! 

Another important lesson that Stephanie has learned from her highly intelligent cat is that habits surely can change! When Achilles was just three months old and she had first adopted him, he was very against having his teeth brushed by her. She would try with a cat finger toothbrush, but Achilles was very resistant and did not enjoy it. But now? Stephanie no longer needs to worry about Achilles’ teeth being clean – because he’s literally taken matters into his own hands!  Achilles has also started to sleep like his mother, Stephanie – in the same position on his back and under the covers. Absolutely amazing!