The Christian Gifts You Should Be Buying This Season

When it comes to showing love to the godly people in our lives, giving gifts is one of our favorite ways to do so. There’s just something that feels so special about giving somebody important to us a personal gift to show our love, and when we can connect that love to our love for Jesus – well that’s just impossible to beat. Here are our favorite Fall Christian gifts for those special people in your life that make you feel blessed.


This Awesome “Kind Words Are Like Honey” Bible Poster


Home is where the heart is and our heart is where we keep our Lord the closest. It goes without saying then that your home should reflect your faith, and this awesome poster does exactly that! Working as both a reminder to yourself and your guests of the value of kindness, this poster is the perfect piece of home decor.

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This Amazing ‘Holy Light’ Necklace Which Contains The Entire Holy Bible



What’s better than jewelry that you can wear every day to connect you with our Lord? How about jewelry that also contains all of his Holy Book around our neck! This Holy Light necklace does exactly that, using nanotechnology to inscribe all of His Book into a wearable reminder of his wonders and the salvation that He gives. And it’s on sale!

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This Fashionable And Practical Floral Bible Cover & Purse



Your bible is how you connect to God through the study of His words and wisdom and so it is something to be protected and cherished. This stylish bible cover and purse is the perfect companion to the precious words of our lord, helping us protect as well as celebrate His book. We absolutely adore this floral design and its celebration of the beautiful world He has created.

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This Beautiful ‘One Minute With God’ Meditation And Prayer Journal



Our moments spent with God are worth remembering and this devotional journal helps us work on how and why we pray. Your prayers are more than just a conversation with God, if you can imagine that, they are an opportunity for us to grow, to focus on improving ourselves and the world around us, and to better our relationship with our Creator.

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This Incredible Christ & Cross Figurine Made With Olive Wood From The Holy Land



A perfect companion for quiet moments of contemplation and prayer, this garden figure is made out of 100% olive tree wood from the Holy Land. It’s a reminder of the love of God while also being an incredible piece of craftsmanship. We absolutely love this piece and the devotion to God that it represents.

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