The Correct Way to Iron Your Clothes

You could buy the best, most exquisite outfits in the world, but you would still be unable to form a good impression if you hadn’t pressed them in the right way. You might think that ironing your clothes is such a simple task and you must be doing it right, but more often than not, this is not true. There are some basic techniques of ironing that can bring that final touch of class into your outfit.

The most important ironing technique would be to avoid making shoulder lines. A crease on your shoulder is never a good sight, and even though you spent time ironing your shirt, the crease ruins your outlook. Instead of straight-up ironing through the shoulders, take a different more sophisticated approach. Unbutton the shirt and raise it by about three to four inches from the back of the shoulders. Most shirts have a line stitched here. You can use that as a reference line and hold your shirt one inch below it. This should be on your back, a little below your armpits. Form a crease here and iron the shoulders flat. This way there will not be a crease on your shoulder.

When ironing pants, the most important tip would be to maintain the original crease. You need to be very careful to never form a second crease because factory creases are difficult to get rid of. So, any crease you form will result in there being more than one crease which suggests very bad grooming. Some clothes have a fabric with a classy shine on them. Never iron these directly. Use a damp cloth on top of them, and iron through the cloth. If you have a steam iron, then that is all the better for such fabrics. These techniques will not only ensure you form good impressions and have a well-groomed outlook, but they will also help you maintain the freshness of new clothes.