The Cutest Bridesmaids Proposals

A bridesmaids proposal can be just as cute and romantic as a marriage proposal, if not more. Sorry boys, you better step up your game! Especially in recent years with girls getting increasingly creative and mushy gushy as they ask their bestie to be a part of their special day.

Katy Perry Style

One girl asked her bridesmaid to be on the 4th of July during a fireworks show.  She of course said yes as she made a face out of shyness and discomfort about the dramatic event.


Will you take a pizza my heart?

A super cheesy bride-to-be ordered pizzas to her home and had the shop write on the pizza’s ”’You have a pizza my heart and I couldn’t get married without you by my side”.


A whole latte-of- love

Another adorable bride-to-be went dress shopping with best her friend, and as they were out and about, they stopped for coffee at Starbucks.  She sneakily managed to get the barista to write ”Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the latte.