The Cutest & Coolest Lizard Facts Ever

Did you know that there are 4,675 species of lizard? This includes iguanas, geckos, Gila monsters (what even is that?), monitors (again, no idea what that is), and skinks (so many questions!). So there’s a lot of little critters out there running around that we humans just don’t notice or think about! Take a moment to appreciate this cool species of animal!


Hey Little Guy!



To clear up any confusion, lizards are part of a group of animals called reptiles. They are pretty closely related to snakes! And some species look just like snakes because they don’t have any legs!


Little Dinosaurs



So this little guy’s species is a leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius). Did you know that their ancestors were on Earth over 200 million years ago! So lizards are pretty much dinosaurs.


Little Smile



Lizards use their tongue to smell! That’s why they are always sticking their tongue out so that they can catch scent particulars in the air. That’s how they find their food and friends and enemies!





Fun fact: some lizards, like the gecko, can’t blink their eyes! They use their tongue instead to clean their eyes. And also, iguanas and other kinds of lizards can see in color. Cool, right?