The Cutest Dogs Dressed as Their Favorite Snacks

The world is full of amazing things that make us smile. Dogs, food, puppies, snacks… You get it. While food is yummy and reminds us of how delicious life can be, dogs are awesome and remind us of how much love there is out there. This is why we can’t help but smile when looking at dogs dressed as food.


This sausage dog dressed up as a hot dog!


Dachshund dressed up as a Hot Dog

Getty Images / foap / Foap AB


How clever! Daschound dogs are globally known as wiener dogs or sausage dogs, so this is the perfect costume for this little guy. Judging by the smug look on his face, he definitely knows how cool this costume is.


Where is the dog among all these pumpkins?


Labrador dressed as a pumpkin

Getty Images / Moment Open / Elizabeth W. Kearley


Can you find the dog in this picture of pumpkins? This good boy did such a great job at disguising himself that we almost didn’t spot him! But it turns out this jack-o’-lantern is actually just a cute-o’-lantern.


Dog? Which dog? This is clearly a pizza slice.


dog dressed up as a piece of pizza for Halloween

Getty Images / Moment Open / Keith Getter


This dog looks very proud of his pizza costume and we certainly understand why. This is a pretty difficult outfit to pull off, but he definitely looks great wearing it. If this good boy did not get hired by a pizza place to be their new model, they missed out on a great marketing opportunity.