The Dog That Escorts His Owner To The Bus

In case you needed any more convincing (you surely don’t), here is some additional proof to show you how truly incredible dogs really are, and that they really are a man’s best friend that we couldn’t possibly imagine life without.  No matter what the obstacle may be, they will always be there for their owners, and have always, to no-fail passed the test of time, weather, distance, you name it.  And when it comes to stories of dogs waiting for their owners, our hearts are always warmed and filled like no other, such as dogs waiting to be reunited with owners for hours upon end.  Trust us, there has been no shortage whatsoever.

So this time around, the dog that truly deserves the spotlight is from Henan, China, and he not only waits to be reunited with his owner on a daily basis but actually escorts his young owner very carefully to the school bus every morning. This adorable little white dog also waits in the same spot that he dropped his owner off until she returns from school, and it’s, of course, gone viral (because what could possibly be cuter?).  The little girl’s mother shared the video on a popular Chinese social media platform and claims that she did so in order to share with the world how incredibly loyal dogs can be (mission accomplished, clearly). 

The little girl and the dog are completely inseparable, and it’s hard to deny it. The video is truly something that can’t be missed, and the internet went absolutely crazy over what they saw, with everyone in awe of the special bond that the two have with each other.  This little girl is truly lucky to have a friend that loves and appreciates her so much and surely looks forward to having such a special greeting as she gets off the yellow school bus.