The Doorway To Imagination

While this lockdown has surely been hard on all of us in a variety of ways, some seriously creative people have decided to make the most of this unprecedented time spent at home – taking some nifty projects upon themselves.  And when they share them with the internet, it’s all that much better, providing us with some much-need positivity and a real inspiration to get to work ourselves. When it comes to the story that Kimberly Adams shared about her uncles, you’ll surely get all these feels – we promise! 

Her adorable uncles just so happen to both be named David, and have been married for over 30 years! They also always wear matching outfits. With all things being said, we’re already impressed enough. But Kimberly decided that it was time to share how amazing these two are, and especially their lockdown project, taking things to a whole new level.  So what did they do exactly? Well, they actually build a ‘doorway to imagination’ in their own backyard!  Kimberly, their niece, shared their project on Twitter, and it, of course, gained tons of attention instantly.  People across the internet fell in love with this couple’s incredible imagination, and with their final product too, with more than 150,000 people liking it on Twitter!  

If that wasn’t already enough, 23,000 people even retweeted the creation. Way to go David and David! According to Kimberly, her uncles also aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon – and have tweeted that their next project will be a dragon. We can’t wait to see what they have in store!  In the meantime, however, Kimberly Adams has received endless responses to her post about her uncle’s project – all filled with love, support, and excitement!  These two Davids have served as icons of positivity for people who’ve been feeling rather down lately – providing an uplifting story of both love, and making the most of any situation!