The Effect of Kindness

The first thing that comes to mind when considering side effects is those caused by taking medicines. But who would have imagined that being kind might have severe impacts? It does, after all! And good ones at that. The force of kindness is strong. A simple act of kindness, such as sending a card, paying for someone else’s parking, or offering up your spot on a packed train, can significantly alter the recipient’s attitude, point of view, or maybe even their actual day.

Genuine kindness is work, and interactions with others must be motivated by love and a strong sense of our interconnectedness. Being kind is showing love, and it is not arbitrary and necessitates openness and, frequently, boldness. We feel happy when we show kindness to other people. Many believe this is happening spiritually because it is the correct thing to do, and we are awakening something profound inside us by doing so. We get a natural high due to increased dopamine levels in the brain on a biological level.

Everyone is aware that we appreciate kindness in others. This is so because acts of kindness make people feel closer to one another emotionally, strengthening our sense of “bonding.” It’s ingrained in us so deeply that it is genetic. Kindness is innate in us, and cooperation was a skill our evolutionary ancestors had to develop. As a result, “kindness genes” were ingrained in the human genome. The stronger the emotional ties within groups, the greater the chances of survival. So when we show kindness to one another today, we feel a connection and either forge new relationships or strengthen those that already exist.

When we are kind, we encourage others to be kind; according to studies, this has a cascading impact. The ripple effect of acts of kindness affects other people’s lives and spreads kindness everywhere, just like how a pebble makes ripples in a pond. A prevalent human feeling is having anxiety, whether it manifests as moderate uneasiness or intense panic. The simplest method to manage worry is to be kind to one another.