The Family That Danced Their Way To Health

When it comes to a weight-loss journey, we all need support along the way, and especially so from our loved ones.  For mother-daughter duo,  Jamie Allison, and Calista Jean Jones, that’s pretty much how their inspiring story went down. Thanks to the incredible support they provided each other with (as well as the constant encouragement from those around them), they began one seriously fun dance routine. They did so for months, not only having the time of their lives – but they also managed to lose an impressive 195 pounds together! 

Similar to many of us, Jamie and Calista,  although 22 years apart in age, decided to start off the new year back in 2016 by making a change in their lives. But rather than signing themselves for a program that they would likely dread, and not necessarily be able to commit to, they decided to take on dance classes! And in just three years’ time, an ‘80s dance class changed their lives as they know it – and from then on, there was no looking back for this unstoppable mother-daughter duo, who are now all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

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The type of dance that they took on is known as Jazzercise, a unique discipline established in the ‘80s, which combines jazz as well as dance moves, yoga, kickboxing, and Pilates. Sounds versatile enough to ensure that there will never be a dull moment if you ask us! Through this type of exercise, not only did the two of them start to see exciting changes in their bodies, but they also inspired their husband/ father to get involved too!  Together with him, they’ve already lost a total of 153 pounds between the 3 of them.  If that’s not teamwork, then we’re not sure what is!  They are all incredibly proud of their hard work – and also had a great time throughout the process.