The Far From Standard Hollywood Love Story

While there are most certainly no shortages of Hollywood love stories about co-stars meeting on set and living happily ever after, when it comes to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, their love story is rather far from standard. And that’s because they only became a couple a shocking 14 years after meeting on set for the first time.  As most of you already know, the celebrity couple was brought together for the very time in 1998 while starring together on the iconic That ‘70’s Show. 

At the time, their age difference was seen to be a whole lot more significant, and in fact, Mila Kunis even lied about her age to score a role on the show, claiming to be 18 years old, when she was really just 15 years old! But after she swept everyone away with incredible talent, there was no way they could get rid of her, and she managed to date 20-year-old Ashton Kutcher (on the show). Not only did Mila reach some serious acting milestones, but she also experienced her first kiss – which was, of course, Ashton! She even shared that she had a huge crush on him, and was super happy about the kiss. 

And while the two stars continued to work together on set, they remained professional colleagues without anything romantic coming out, both finding love elsewhere. Both Kunis and Kutcher experienced heartbreak, ending long-term relationships with Demi Moore and Macaulay Culkin.   Kunis and Kutcher had been in touch throughout the years and eventually reconnected in 2012.  Although Kunis claims that her heart skipped a beat upon seeing Kutcher, somehow he almost let her go, once again, trying to set her up with a good friend of hers. Really Ashton?! What in the world were you thinking?  Well, thankfully, fate had other plans for these two regardless, and just a few months later, they ran into each other once again. 

Finally, they became an official couple and managed to quickly make up for all that lost together. Within 4 years of making their relationship official to the public, they managed to get married and have 2 beautiful children.  Today, more than 2 decades have gone by since Mila and Ashton met for the first time on the set of That ‘70’s Show, and we really couldn’t possibly imagine one without the other. They really are two peas in a pod, and are the best of friends, adoring and admiring one another endlessly.