The Frazzled Online Cafe

Feeling frazzled? Well, you’ll surely be comforted to know that you’re not alone. In fact, you’re so not alone. Especially right now, in these seriously strange and unpredictable times. And for those very reasons, you’re also likely to want to engage in some chatting with friends over coffee and talk through what you’re feeling, leaving with an increased feeling of empowerment and positivity.  But not all of us have that luxury at the moment, which is where Frazzled Cafe Online comes in to save the day!

The Frazzled Cafe Online is pretty much the same thing as a local neighborhood cafe, the only real difference is that it’s virtual.  The idea behind this cafe is to provide those who are feeling ‘frazzled’ and overall stressed out by daily life to come together and chat about their experiences, providing support, encouragement, and a feeling that no one is alone right now. This unique virtual cafe is actually run by a comedian-mindfulness expert, Ruby Wax that has a highly educated sense of humor. 

Wax completed her Master’s degree at Oxford University in cognitive therapy and has also written a variety of self-help books, so we can trust that she knows what she’s doing! The idea of launching a virtual cafe where people can feel free to talk came about during a book tour across the United Kingdom when she realized that the audience showed enthusiasm about connecting with others and openly discussing their issues when she opened up the stage for questions and answers. And we can all surely agree that such a platform is needed in our stressful and incredibly fast-paced Western lifestyles.  The meetings at the Frazzled Cafe Online and held on Zoom on a regular basis, giving those in need the chance to speak their minds in a judgment-free environment.