The Glass Bubble Retreat

A highly secluded and luxurious retreat located in the south of Iceland offers very fortunate guests the unique chance to be literally immersed in nature while sleeping inside a private bubble. If you’re looking for an unforgettable socially distant experience, well, here you have it – a once in a lifetime opportunity to fall asleep as you gaze out onto the stars from your very own glass bubble. And if you’ve done well for yourself in this lifetime, then maybe karma will come your way and will even bless you with a sight of the aurora borealis right above your head. 

The very special secluded glass bubble is known as the Buubble project, and is both run and managed by Robert Robertsson. According to Robertsson himself, some childhood dreams stay with us for our whole lives – and sleeping under the stars is without a doubt one of those dreams that aren’t going anywhere. For that very reason, he decided to allow us, big dreamers, to turn our lifelong fantasy into an impressive reality.  And especially right now, seeing as Iceland has got a pretty good track record for COVID-19 cases – we’d suggest nothing other than jumping on this getaway as fast as you possibly can. 

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This secluded bubble in the middle of the forest is the perfect chance to put all your worries away, to disconnect from the city mayhem, and potentially even watch the aurora borealis, making everyone and their cousin jealous.  Robertsson has admitted that he can’t guarantee 100% that the lights will show up, but if they do, he can promise you a magical experience that can’t be found anywhere else.  Each bubble can hold up to 2 guests at once, and young children can squeeze in with their parents without a problem.  So who else is booking a bubble?!