The Hairless Rabbit That Became An Instagram Star

While Cassandra Hall was just casually browsing through her Facebook newsfeed on one fateful day, she came across something that grabbed her attention, and that she simply wasn’t able to ignore. Hall, from Victoria, Australia stumbled upon a posting from a local breeder who had advertised about selling baby rabbits.  While this is already not your average advertisement or at least not where we’re from, what really caught her eye was one photo that was marked ‘hairless not for sale’.   So many questions went through her head. Why is he hairless? And why is he not for sale? Does he need a good, loving home?

And although Cassandra Hall already had a rabbit of her own, she decided to reach out to the rabbit breeder regardless, just to see what the situation was and what the story behind this hairless rabbit not for sale is.  She also asked the rabbit to send her some pictures of the rabbit, since she has obviously never come across one in her life.  Not only did the rabbit send her the pictures she requested, but he even added in with his pictures a comment saying that she could have the hairless rabbit free of charge. 

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The rabbit breeder told her that since these kinds of rabbits don’t sell due to their appearance, he had no choice but to put the last one down that was in a similar situation. Cassandra Hall, both a lover of life and rabbits wasn’t going to let this poor little hairless rabbit die, and picked up the rabbit herself the very next day, taking him home with her, saving his life and offering him a loving home.  Since the rabbit was hairless, he reminded her of Austin Powers’ hairless cat, which is exactly why she decided to name him Mr. Bigglesworth.  Today, Mr.Bigglesworth has become a serious Instagram sensation due to his unique look, and is loved by everyone that’s gotten a chance to meet him, even if it’s online!