The Hero of All Grandmothers

Screenshot via YouTube

Jiang Haowen was only two-years-old when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Today, the nine-year-old has many passions, one of which includes going to school everyday and getting the best education he can. Both of his parents work long hours and busy jobs just to keep up with medical expenses, therefore Jiang is in the care of his grandmother, 76-year-old Shi Yuying and the true hero of this story.

For the past four years and counting, Shi has been the sole caregiver for Jiang. One of her biggest priorities is to make sure her grandson gets a good education, and she will go to any length to ensure Jiang gets the education he deserves despite any physical abilities that may stand in his way. Each day, Shi makes eight trips (about 15 miles each day) pushing her grandson to and from school in his wheelchair. For the 76-year-old, this is no easy feat, but she finds inner strength to see her grandson thrive.

Shi also plays a crucial role in her grandson’s overall health, including managing his treatments and daily medicine, and providing occupational therapy and medical massages for his limbs in order to keep his body in peak shape. Jiang has made considerable progress since entering the care of his grandmother, and she says she will do anything to keep her grandson healthy and happy.

For as long as Shi is able to walk, she says she will continue to assist her grandson and her family, and knows there is no sacrifice too great for a good education and good values. Here’s to hoping Shi and Jiang continue to grow with each other for many, many years to come!