The Hilarious Truth About Zoom Meetings

Due to the current need to stay at home in recent times, people have been left with no choice but to work from home, leaving their standard work environment of their offices. While it’s not exactly easy to make that move, thankfully, Zoom, a free online chat room has been there to save the day, every day, allowing us to continue working together as normally as possible, unless of course, there are some unexpected distractions beyond our control in the background from our pets or children. Nonetheless, however, many of us have been enjoying everything Zoom has to offer, namely, all of the exciting custom backgrounds we can choose from, pretending as though we’ve flown to a tropical island without even blinking an eye or spending a penny. It’s pretty epic, and is also completely risk free.  

And while it’s still the next best thing to the real deal of working together from the office, some people are struggling to get used to this new reality. Such as the fact that you need to remember that although you may be home right now, you’re still on video, and people can still see you. So if you’re not wearing any pants, be careful when you stand up, because people will notice, and when you do eventually return to the office, it won’t be pretty, to say the least.  

And always be sure that you’re on mute when a fight with your partner starts up, because your co-workers, including your boss and CEO, are also likely to listen in. If they decide to distract you and make you laugh while in a meeting, well then, we surely can’t say that they were the first person to do so! The fact that free Zoom meetings end after 40 minutes can also sometimes be frustrating, but perhaps can also be seen as the ultimate productivity tool by some. Either way, there’s no doubt about it that these Zoom meetings are absolutely hilarious, and even when we get back to business hopefully sooner than later, we will always remember these moments.