The ‘I’m This Old’ Twitter Challenge

We all believe that age is just a number. However, sometimes we’re just going about our day when something happens that just makes us stop and think, “Wow, am I this old?” Luckily for all of us who can relate, one hilarious Twitter user recently started the “I’m this old” challenge, and the responses are nothing short of amazing.


Minesweeper Mania


Before there was Minecraft, there was Minesweeper. Seriously, guys, this is some hardcore nostalgia right here. After all, many of us grew up playing this game during computer class in school, while the teacher’s back was turned. Ah, middle school. Good times.


Movie Night, Anyone?


OMG. Who can remember having this many VCRs? These days, anyone who still owns DVDs can basically say they have an antique collection. However, many of us can still remember the days before DVDs were even a thing, and VCRs were still the peak of entertainment and modern technology. Honestly, we kind of miss those days. Also, RIP Blockbuster.


Old School Nostalgia


Um, if we can remember literally all of these things, does that mean we’re getting old? Probably. But we don’t care, because the nostalgia just hits so good. From playing Oregon Trail on really old computers to passing notes during the days before everyone had an iPhone, these are some serious throwbacks, and we’re living for it.