The Important Skills To Save A Relationship

Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship after many years requires work from bother partners. If you want your relationship to work and are struggling, here are the important skills that are needed to save a relationship.

Compassion,  it’s the ability to put yourself in your partners feet, support them, and try to feel what they are feeling.  After several years of being with your partner, you probably think you know each other completely, but this in fact can become an obstacle in developing empathy for one another.  Remember to always practice compassion towards each other.  Close your eyes and really try to imagine what your partner is feeling.
Emotional understanding, the concept of compassion leads to emotional understanding.  This means that it’s important to understand how your partner is feeling not only when they need you, but also during arguments between the two of you. Telling your partner that you understand what they are feeling has miraculous effects.
Attention and politeness, most of us seriously underestimate the value of small acts of politeness.  Inside of entering a vicious cycle between two angry partners, show your loved one the attention they deserve, with something as small as a hug or a chocolate bar.
Partnership, is important to remember in a relationship. Often times, couples get to used to leaving together that they start to act as roommates, living each their own lives. Even worse, they start to disregard their partners opinions. Make sure that when making important decisions that you take into account your partners opinion too.