The Incredible Benefits Of Coloring

Although many of us are well aware of how much fun coloring can be – it’s less known that it’s actually also an incredible form of therapy that offers endless benefits for your health and overall well-being, allowing you to disconnect from all your worries and unleash your creative side.  In fact, coloring has been found to help reduce anxiety and stress levels, which is especially important right now while many of us are dealing with difficulties.  When we focus on simple tasks, it allows our brains to relax, almost as though we are meditating, in turn reducing our stress and anxiety levels. 

Coloring can also be a great workout for your brain since it actually requires the use of both your left and right sides of your brain – meaning both the logical and creative sides.  It’s important to exercise all muscles in our bodies, not just those that help us feel confident at the beach. Coloring has also been found to help improve focus – since sitting in front of a coloring project requires putting distractions aside, and challenging ourselves to sit still.  Coloring is the ideal way to practice avoiding distractions around us, and maybe even negative thoughts too. 

It can help us become more present and involved in the moment, again, similar to meditation.  Another undeniable benefit of coloring is mindfulness – as it requires us to remove ourselves from all of our thoughts and focus on what we’re doing and trying to achieve (the coloring).  Those who suffer from a variety of mental health issues or even trauma have been found to benefit from coloring, helping them reduce their negative thoughts or beliefs, replacing the focus of that energy with coloring, and doing something more productive and healthy with it.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up those pencils and go make yourself feel great while creating a beautiful masterpiece you can be proud of.