The Inn Where Guests Can Live With Cats

Those who have traveled in Japan are probably familiar with ryokans, the traditional Japanese inn that features tatami mats, communal baths, and casual summer kimonos which guests can wear around the resort. These inns have existed in the country since way back in the 8th century, and remain highly popular amongst locals and tourists alike. In fact, just recently, one of these ryokans went viral for a certain unique service that they offer: live-in cats. Yup, that’s right. The inn, which is called My Cat Yugawara, is situated in Yugawara, a charming town in Japan’s coastal Kanagawa Prefecture which is known for its natural hot springs and old-fashioned ryokan inns. Among the hotel’s amenities is a special trial package that allows curious guests to see what it’s like to live with a cat.

Visitors who purchase this package will agree to share their room with a fluffy, four-legged roommate, who will arrive at the room promptly at 5:30 PM and stay until 9 AM. Visitors also agree not to leave their feline guests unattended in the room. and to clean out their litter boxes every so often with a scooper that they will receive at check-in. In addition to these rules, the hotel takes certain added precautions to make sure that those who purchase the trial package are comfortable around cats, and that the cats feel equally comfortable around them. For example, all first-time guests at the resort must complete at least one session in the My Cat Yugawara cafe, where they can get some hands-on kitty experience before spending an all-nighter with these cute creatures.

Getty Images/Aleksandr Zubkov/Moment

This unique package by My Cat Yugawara was created especially for those who are considering adopting a cat into their lives but aren’t yet sure that it’s the right choice for them. This trial offer also has one other added bonus: if a guest really likes the cat they spent time with and wants to give it a forever home, the inn will make that possible, after an interview process. All in all, this package costs s2,200 JPY, which is around 21 USD. This is on top of the inn’s regular room price. For anyone who has ever wanted to spend some time with a cute kitty and hasn’t been able to until now, this is truly the perfect opportunity.