The Inspiring Wish Balloon

Children are without a doubt, the world’s most precious gift. And one reason for this fact is that they are so purely innocent, and have yet to discover the difference between dreams and reality. Through their love and kindness, they show us that if anything can be made possible if we believe in it enough.  Here’s one inspiring story that truly proves that dreams really do come true, no matter how crazy they may sound. It all began when a young girl tied a wish to a balloon and sent it to fly away thousands upon thousands of miles away. 

A farmer from Southern Russia, Amin Adzhiev, looked up to the sky on one fateful day, and to his surprise, he saw more than just the clouds or even an airplane, but he noticed a unique looking object in the air that appeared to be coming towards him.  And it was in fact, a balloon with a letter on it, the one that the young girl had sent out with her wish.  Although he was curious to see what was written, it was a foreign language that he couldn’t make out. Together with the help of his friend, the story was shared across social media in order to find someone that could translate the message of the balloon. 

Amin was eventually able to figure out that the message was written in German and was actually addressed to the one and only Santa Claus in the North Pole. It was also signed by a nine-year-old girl, Sophia from Austria who requested to become a princess from a fairytale, with a dress, a tent similar to a castle from the medieval times, a hoverboard, and a scarf.  And while Sofia’s request might have seemed to have been one of any typical girl her age, she also added at the end of her note that she wishes for lots of love for everyone and that people stop arguing. 

Amin couldn’t ignore this wish that somehow made its way into his arm, and that’s exactly why he decided to fulfill her wish and become her very own real-life Santa Claus.  Amin began a fundraising campaign in order to buy her the presents she had requested and even went as far as figuring out where she lives, which was no easy feat.  After a great deal of effort, he was able to track the balloon back to a German museum who gave children balloons to write requests on for Christmas.  This is one seriously incredible story of how dreams really can come true, despite all logic, her balloon managed to travel between countries and stay in perfect condition.