The Magical Package This U.S Soldier Sent Her Parents

Elva Torres, a solider in the U.S Army lives over 2,000 miles away from her parents, who are located in Layton, Utah.  Her parents, Marta and Raoul constantly send her tons of care packages filled with love and support.

She explains that for her, leaving home is the hardest part, but her parents do their best in making it easier by always sending her encouraging packages and never letting her give up on her dream.

Elva wanted to give back to her parents, and show them how important they are to her. She decided to send them a package in return. In her special package, she put various mementos and goodies, but most importantly, she wrote the most heartfelt letter to her parents and poured out her heart, telling them everything she always wanted to but never did before.

It was pure magic for her parents to open up the package full of incredible photos, and even a bottle of sand from the beach where Raoul had also trained when he was in the army.

It can be a challenge to stay in touch with family when there is such a big distance between them, but sometimes all you need is a little message, call, or special care package to let them know how much you love them.