The Man Who Held An Umbrella Over A Dog

If you’re looking for a seriously pawesome story, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for right now. Yes, the pun here was totally intended, and we hope you appreciated it. For those of you who didn’t quite get the reference yet, we’re about to share a seriously awesome story about a dog.  But as we all already know, a dog is a man’s best, so it’s a story about a very special someone as well. And that very special someone happens to be Ethan Dearman, be the security guard of Morrisons grocery, a Scotland supermarket.

After being caught on camera holding up an umbrella over a dog’s head in the rain, he’s been deemed a modern day hero, rightfully so.  The magical moment was both captured and posted by Mel Gracie on Twitter – who received thousands upon thousands of loving responses in applause for Dearmen’s sweet act of kindness for this poor dog who was caught in the rain.  Dearman apparently shared with Mel Gracie, the 25 year old girl who filmed him that one can never really know how a dog is feeling in the rain. Well, we couldn’t agree with Dearman more – and surely need more people in the world who think like he does! 

Apparently, this is also not the first time that Ethan Dearman has done such a thing too! After Gracie’s photo went viral all over social media, the owner of the dog that Dearman protected from the rain came forward, claiming ownership of the dog. The owner of Freddie the dog not only praised and thanked Dearmen for his selfless act, but also shared that Dearman has always been incredibly kind to his entire family. Keep up the good work Ethan! It doesn’t go unnoticed, and we’re sure you’ve inspired many others to follow in your footsteps.