The Many Different Types of Sports

There are many unspoken benefits that come along with playing sports. These benefits can be bifurcated into two different segments: the first being physical, and the second mental and philosophical. Of course, one can intuitively imagine the great physical benefits that can be attained through sports and other forms of physical exercise. Consistent cardiovascular practices have been shown to not only extend your life but ensure that the quality of it is maximized till the end of your days. The mental benefits, scientifically proven over the years, are also extensive; many individuals play sports because of their euphoric, calming effect on their brains and their bodies.

As there are many different cultures all over the world, there are also many different sports – Each requiring the individual to wear a different mask, and assume a different mold.

Getty Images / Moment / Natnan Srisuwan

The sport of golf, for example, although being physically demanding, requires the player to approach each shot with a unique strategic perspective, and a calculated conscious foresight into how the current conditions and circumstances at play may affect the desired outcome. The game of rugby on the other hand , while, of course, requiring a certain strategic perspective, is geared towards the utilization of an individual’s physical assets rather than their mind. In a sport like rugby, all one has to simply do is beat, physically surpass, the player in front of them.

Then there are sports, such as boxing, which require both physical strength and mental fortitude. It has often been the case that one boxer has reigned victorious over another, not on the basis of physical superiority, but rather on the basis of their enhanced strategic and relaxed approach to the task at hand. Boxing covers both halves of the cycle, it is perhaps one of the only sports that is just as much cognitively demanding, as it is physically demanding. after all, you cannot physically beat an opponent whose mind has already taking precedence over yours.