The Most Adorable Strawberry You’ve Ever Seen

A Japanese woman posted a strawberry to Twitter that went completely viral. This was not your average strawberry as you can probably assume. This strawberry looked like a cat and inspired everyone across the globe. Twitter user @mugi441 explains that the whole thing began when her brother came home with a basket of strawberries. As her mother was washing them, she picked out the now famous strawberry and asked her children if it reminded them of anything.

They all screamed, ”a cat”! She then decided to post a picture of to Twitter, which went viral within no time. Twitter absolutely adored it and started to provide different ideas of what the strawberry was similar to.  People around the world shared their ideas on Twitter, and it just kept on getting more and more creative, with ideas such as a fish, a unicorn, a bear, a dog, a Pacman and many, many more crazy ideas.

This strawberry was clearly a very special one that could be transformed into anything anyone wanted it to be. So what did it taste like? According to the Japanese woman who gave the super cute  Strawberry all of it’s fame, it was sweet and juicy, like having everything good about a strawberry in this very strawberry.

How she brought herself to eat this cutie is still a question that remains unanswered.