The Most Annoying People On Instagram

Instagram is without a doubt one of, it not the most popular social media app out there. But similar to all social media platforms, some people and trends have taken things a step too far. Here are the most annoying types of people you’ll find.



The constant selfie taker

We don’t need a constant update of what you look like every hour. We can click on your profile picture if we really feel the need, and you can look in a mirror.


The couple obsessed with each other 

We’re all really happy for you that you’re in love. But maybe you guys can keep the mushy gushy stuff to yourselves. Preferred.


Pictures of everything they ate

Unless you’re offering us a bite, we’re really not interested in seeing what you’re eating.


Sloppy bar pictures

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Other than the fact that it’s not exactly the most elegant picture, your photography abilities are not at their finest either while you’re under the influence.


#TBT to last week pictures

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Newsflash, it’s called a #latergram, Not #TBT, that’s for pictures from way back.