The Most Epic Cake Fails Ever

While some people make incredibly impressive cakes that look far too perfect to eat, others attempt to (or at least claim to have tried) and don’t exactly succeed. Here are some of the most epic cake fails ever that you really won’t mind digging into and destroying even more…..


Celebrating Nothing


What a great reason to celebrate! A plain cake would have been just fine too though.


Congrats To The Unknown Bride



Well, it really wouldn’t have been that hard to just ask for the bride’s name. But hey – a cake is a cake.


You Done It



Congrats, you done it. Whoever made this cake sure didn’t do it though – meaning finish any kind of schooling.


Close Enough



Well, you know, close enough, right? Kids can’t tell the difference anyway.


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself



Darn it. She meant write happy birthday on both of the cakes. Was that so hard to understand?!