The Most Epic Good Deeds Documented

A good deed can seriously brighten up a dark world.  According to studies, kindness is essential for good health, it bring happiness and pleasure, lowers blood pressure and even increases our lifespan.  Here are some seriously inspiring stories of kindness that will have you grateful for humanity.

Cops With True Compassion 

After a mother of five was taken to the hospital, these two paramedic hero stayed to make her family dinner, and even washed the dishes after. Respect.


Free Haircut 

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Expert hair stylish Mark Bustos gives free haircuts to the homeless every Sunday. During the week he works for an elite salon and he wanted to give back. Everyone deserves a good haircut here and there. 


Helping Job Seekers 

There is nothing more sweet than helping those who need it most. This dry cleaning company helped those who needed a clean outfit for a job interview.


Donated Her Hair 

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This beautiful little girl has such a big heart that she decided to donate her hair to those need it.


Pay It Forward Dinner 

This box when it was first put out was completely full. So many people were given dinner that needed it. Hopefully they will pay it forward it any way they can.