The Most Stylish Dogs in the World

Paris Fashion Week is the main event on the French calendar this January. This week defines what is in season and what is completely out, telling the fashion industry what to expect and create for the next season. But for some reason, animals are always left out of this grand event. So here are some of the best-dressed animals this season, in case you were wondering what is in style for your beloved pet.


Rebel Without a Cause


Dog wearing a red outfit and leather jacket

Getty Images / Jason Griego


For all James Dean fans out there, this look is perfect for any winter day. Combining a warm fleece shirt with a black leather jacket is the best way to create a casually cool outfit that will also keep you cozy. The blue charm on this dog’s collar adds extra detail to the look, but any other hue would work with this color-blocking concept.


Office Attire


Dog wearing a pink formal shirt and tie

Getty Images / Barcroft Media


Fashion is all fun and games until it comes to work. Finding the perfect work outfit can be very exhausting. You need to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, that showcases your personality, but that also looks extremely professional. Combining a colorful shirt with a matching tie and handkerchief is a great idea for a smart everyday look.




Dog wearing a leather jacket

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Daniel Zuchnik


This white dress and black leather combination works perfectly for every dog. This is the perfect mixture of cool and chic, and will make any dog look extremely fashionable. In this dog’s case, the gray hues of its hair bring out the spark of the silver details on the jacket.


Tweed Jacket


Dog wears Chanel coat on the grass while holding a black Chanel bag with its mouth

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Claudio Lavenia


You cannot go wrong with a classic Chanel jacket. It’s as simple as that. Besides, combining a gray tweed jacket with the right accessories can elevate any look. Here, matching the outfit with a sparkly collar, a Chanel hat, and fancy cat-eye sunglasses, this dog is ready to be the most stylish animal in the room.