The Most Inspiring Kids of 2020

2020 was a rough year for everyone everywhere. With so much terrible news, it was hard to stay positive and look for a light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully, we can always count on kids to surprise us and come up with the most uplifting ideas. Here are some of the most inspiring children from social media in the past year:


Mini Meditator


5-year old Bond recently found out that not all kids around the world are as fortunate as he is. So in order to raise money for the Holiday Toy Drive for homeless children, Bond decided he would meditate for a whole 20 minutes! Even though his target was $2,000, Bond managed to raise $30,000 – being able to provide even more gifts for other kids during the Christmas period.


Little Letter Writer


Luna is a 4-year old from Holland that has been writing letters for all the lonely people in her community. But making the letters was not enough for the little girl, she also wanted to deliver them. With some help from her mom and the Dutch postal service, Luna can now deliver her inspiring cards while looking very official in her blue and orange uniform.


Endearing Entrepreneur


When his mom lost her job due to the pandemic, Aaron Moreno knew he had to do something to help his family. Using his savings, the boy bought a few succulents to resell to his neighbors for a profit. His idea was so well-received that he soon started getting dozens of orders for plants in his community, saving enough money to move his family from a shed to an apartment.