The Most Unlikely Animal Friends

If you ever watched cartoons or read comic books when you were younger, you have seen animals of different species being portrayed as enemies. Maybe it was cats and dogs, maybe it was mice and cats, or maybe it was birds and cats. But these stories are just fiction and, in real life, all house animals can be friends.


Cat and Dog


Big white dog and small cat posing for picture

Getty Images / Moment Mobile / Manfred Rutz


Regardless of what all TV shows said when you were younger, cats and dogs are not natural enemies. In fact, they can be great friends and have a lot of fun playing together. This picture is a great example of how much these two species can enjoy each others company.


Birds and Dog


Labrador retriever holding a pole where two blue birds are standing on

Getty Images / Anni Sommer

This dog seems to be having a great time with its two bird friends. The little bluebirds look like they are also enjoying the company of their Labrador friend. So if you ever wondered whether dogs and birds can be friends and play together, this picture is your answer. So cute!


Dog and Guinea Pig


Big dog protecting guinea pig

Getty Images / Cultura / JLPH


Even small guinea pigs can be friends with large dogs. This big dog seems very protective of its little rodent friend. And the fluffy little fella knows he can trust his canine friend. This is a great example of true friendship: it doesn’t see sizes or species. So inspiring.


Cat and Guinea Pig


Guinea pig kissing orange cat

Getty Images / EyeEm / Mariëlle De Heij


This adorable picture shows the true meaning of friendship. Even though the cat does not look super excited about having its face kissed by the guinea pig, it knows the fluffy rodent is just showing its affection. There is nothing more special than understanding each other’s love languages when it comes to friendship.