The New Hipster AvoLatte

The world has no shortage of yummy foods. Ice cream, pizza, cake, coffee and avocados. This, however, does not in any way mean that they should be combined as one, but for some reason hipsters are doing it. They’ve created the avolatte. What? Yes, it’s like it sounds by the name, it’s an avocado latte.  The latte is served inside of an avocado skin.

The reasoning behind anyone in their right mind wanting to drink such a thing rather than a latte out of a normal cup is something that remains ambiguous. And there are so many other questions to be answered. Does the coffee taste like avocado?  How can one even hold it? Is this a cup saving effort? Hipsters are also cutting back on dishes, eating straight from the pan or on a board or from all kinds of wacky items.

With both latte art and avocados both among the latest Instagram trends, it’s quite likely that the avolatte could be the next big thing.

What’s next in line? Only time will tell.