The Original Gerber Baby Just Met The Newest Addition

We all of course remember the Gerber baby as an American icon. Her face can be seen in the baby food aisle of every single grocery store, as well as in the pantry of every new parent.  Her adorable face has never stopped peering out at as from the label.

Believe it or not, that adorable little baby is now 91 years old!  Her actual name is Ann Turner Cooker, and other than being a mystery story writer and a teacher, she’s always the proud grandmother of six beautiful children.

She was recently welcomed the latest addition into her family, Warren, who has became the latest Gerber spokesbaby.  Not only does he have a pretty face, but he’s the first baby in the brand with Down syndrome and has brought some seriously important changes to the company.

One of the mission’s of Gerber is to make it clear to the world that all babies are Gerber baby and should be accepted for who they are.  Warren’s parents want him to represent hope for families with children with disabilities.