The Perfect Iced Coffee Recipe for Those Warm Summer Days

When the temperature gets too high, there is nothing nicer than switching our morning cup of joe to a cool glass of sugary coffee. Sure, there are cafes everywhere that make great iced coffee, but there’s no need to ask a barista to make you a drink every morning.¬†Making this delicious drink is super easy, and it’s also an extremely rewarding way to start off the day.

All you need in order to make an iced coffee that will completely revolutionize your morning routine is black coffee, milk, ice and maple syrup. First, make a cup of black coffee, then allow it to cool down completely. Once the coffee is at room temperature, pour it into a blender with some milk, ice and maple syrup. Blend the ingredients until your drink looks smooth and foamy. Pour your iced coffee into a glass and voilà, your iced coffee is ready.

Getty Images / Moment / Burak Karademir

If maple syrup is not your favorite sweetener, you can simply switch it to regular sugar. While the coffee is still hot, mix white or brown sugar into the drink. Once it cools down, pour it in the blender with milk and ice. Now, if you drink your coffee with half and half instead of milk, these are also interchangeable. While milk is the more common option for this type of drink, adding half and half to it will give your iced coffee an even more special flavor.