The Perfect Snacks For Your Next Netflix Binge

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as coming home after a long day of work and plopping yourself down in front of the TV. Whether you prefer rom coms or true crime shows, you can pretty much be sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on Netflix. Of course, no Netflix binge is complete without a delicious snack to munch on while you’re chilling. Here are some of our favorite classic snacks that are perfect for a relaxing evening on the couch.




pretzels in a bowl

Getty Images/Photograph by Kangheewan./Moment


There are many things that are underrated in life. Pretzels are one of those things. The perfect blend of salty and crunchy, this snack is perfect for munching on. It’s also seriously nostalgic – does anyone else remember pretzels and apple juice at snack time? Whether you grew up on pretzels or not, you can give this classic snack a quick grown-up update by serving them alongside some honey-dijon dip.




reaching into a bowl of chips

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There’s a resaon why chips are one of the most popular snacks ever. Apart from being perfectly crispy, this snack is also super versatile. Whether you love smoky barbeque or bacon mac n cheese (yes, that is an actual flavor,) there is truly something for everyone when it comes to this universally beloved snack. Bottom line: inclusivity is always a good idea, especially when it comes to junk food.





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This classic snack really needs no introduction. Popcorn has been providing movie-goers with something to salty munch on for generations, Thankfully, that tradition has lived on until today, meaning another tasty snack option for us couch potatoes. There are so many different options when it comes to this snack, including flavors like sweet and salty kettle corn and savory aged white cheddar.