The Proper Way To Eat Fruits

Fruits are the gifts of nature. Fruits are amongst the most densely nutrient foods on the planet. Regardless of your fitness goal, fruit should always consist of a part of your day. However, many people eat fruits the wrong way getting incomplete nutrients, aggravating digestive problems, skin allergies, and greying of hair and hair loss. Because it is healthy, people get confused and consume whenever they like therefore doing more harm than good.

First, always ensure to eat your fruits before meals. We are mostly unaware that fruits tend to digest faster than grains. When served a plate of mac and cheese alongside fruits, we prefer eating before taking the fruits. What this does is that it ferments the food making one feel bloated, hurriedly going to the toilet, etc. Always eat your fruits 2 hours before a meal, either as a morning or evening snack, no later than 6 pm.

When going fruit shopping, our instinct is to go for the well-packaged fruits on the shelves. Still, it is much more advisable to go for fruits sold by the local markets/farmers because this way, you are not consuming foods that have taken so long on the sea to get there but rather consuming in season. In today’s fast life, we like cutting and keeping our fruits the night before and storing them in the fridge for the following day. Here, fruits lose their nutrients if not consumed after 20 minutes of cutting open.