The Record Breaking Golden Retriever

An adorable and talented six-year-old dog has truly proven Walt Disney’s famous saying that if you can dream it, you can do it.   All you’ve got to do is put your mind to it. And if you’re a dog? Well, then put your mouth to it, of course. Finley, the Golden Retriever has recently broken a world record for being the dog to hold the largest amount of tennis balls in his mouth at once, getting himself a well-deserved spot in the Guinness World Records.   Way to go Finley. 

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Erin Molloy, his human mother, has shared that Finley has been putting tennis balls in his mouth since he was two years old, and after countless hours of practice and dedication to the cause, he’s now managed to fit a shocking six tennis balls in his mouth at once.  Erin, being incredibly proud of Finley, decided to share his talent with the rest of the world by creating an Instagram account just to show off what Finley can do.  The account has been active for the past two years and has already gained an impressive 36,000 followers. After discovering that the current world record for the dog to hold the most tennis ball in their mouth at once was only five, she became set on having Finley noticed too. 

Erin Molloy dedicated her time to obtaining proof that Finley in fact was the world record holder, for his ability to hold six tennis balls in his mouth at once. She apparently even went as far as measuring each tennis ball and gathering witnesses from the neighborhood to make statements about Finley.  Not only is Erin super proud and excited to be the mother of this talented record-breaking dog, but she’s also overjoyed to see how Finley has been lifting people’s spirits across the globe.