The Science Behind The Perfect Brownies

Brownies are the perfect dessert that goes after every meal. The gooey, fudgy, and chocolaty goodness just melts in your mouth as soon you take a bite. There is no reason why someone would not like to devour a good brownie. This article will focus on how you can master the art of baking brownies by following just a few tips.

It is extremely important that you brown your butter. Browning the butter is the essential step that leads to a more caramelized and rich flavor. Moreover, ensure that you are using high-quality ingredients such as cocoa powder. Cadbury and Hersheys are one of the best cocoa powders available on the market.

Begin by heating your butter and chocolate. Ensure that you are buying good quality cooking chocolate such as Van Houten or Callebaut. Never heat them directly on a stove. Make a bain-marie for it and melt the butter and chocolate. After the butter is melted, let the mixture completely cool down. Then add in your eggs and whisk. After you’ve incorporated the eggs, add in the sugar, flour and cocoa powder. Mix it well. However, avoid over mixing the batter as it will just flatten the baked goods.

It is extremely important that you oil your baking tray. Always butter it and then throw in some flour to ensure the brownies don’t stick. However, you can also use good quality parchment paper but usually, parchment papers just stick to the surface which will ruin your baked product. Instead, use aluminum paper to line your baking trays. Aluminum papers have very high melting points and therefore, they do not stick to the paper. Bake the brownies in a well-heated oven. Ovens that do not distribute unified heat tend to ruin the brownie texture. A pro-tip for a crackly top is to beat egg and sugar for 5-7 minutes while preparing the batter.