The Science Behind the Perfect Cookie

Most people love eating cookies as a quick tasty treat, after all, these snacks are packed with happiness. But it turns out that baking cookies is more than just a fun activity. There is a reason why your cookies’ texture and size vary every time even when you use the same recipe. These are the tricks you can use to make sure your desserts will always come out just the way you love them.




Cookies on a baking tray and one being held up on a spatula

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If your favorite type of cookie is the one where the chocolate chips simply melt in your mouth, just make sure to add two extra cups of flour to the recipe. This way, you will guarantee that your cookie will stay compact and hold all the gooey flavor inside its interior.


Crispy with a Soft Center


Six cookies on a silver baking tray

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This is an all-time favorite everywhere. If the goal is to create a chocolate chip cookie with crispy edges and a soft, chewy center, there is a solution for this too. Adding equal parts of baking powder and baking soda in the recipe will make sure that the dough spreads out on the baking tray just enough to create a perfectly crispy cookie with a soft center.


Like Store-Bought


Chocolate cookies stacked up on a wooden table

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The cookies we buy at stores are not usually made with butter or vegetable oil, like the ones we bake at home. Actually, they trade them for shortening. Using shortening, you will get a nicer texture, but will probably reduce the cookies’ flavor. So a good trick is using half shortening, half butter in your recipe.


Extra Flavor


Chocolate chip cookies on cooling rack

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If the goal is to impress, not just whip out a quick dessert, this is the best tip of all. After making the cookie dough, let it chill for at least 24 hours. This technique will deepen all the ingredients’ flavors and leave your cookie tasting better than any other you have ever tried before.