The Secret to Success

These days, we’re constantly flooded by posts on social media. Many of those posts include people celebrating their many successes in life so far, whether it’s getting their dream job or buying their first car. When you see those, it’s natural to start comparing yourself to them and question how much you’re doing or had done at the same age they are. You start wondering whether the things you’ve achieved thus far have been worth it, whether they’ve had any value. In actuality, to be successful, we need to start with the opposite act.

Each time you find yourself in a situation where you want to compare yourself to others, stop yourself. Ask yourself whether you even want the successes they have, whether you’ve already considered that as your goal but decided against it. Oftentimes, the mistake of comparing yourself to people has become a habit, and can only be broken by catching yourself in the act.

Additionally, it is important to examine the amount of time you give yourself on a daily basis. That doesn’t include the moments you go to a separate room, lie down, and just start scrolling through your phone. Instead, it means the time you set apart just to sit with yourself and reflect on how life is going so far. It means actively contemplating rather than simply being alone.

Lastly, one habit that can bring huge changes in your life is going on a walk everyday. It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing your running shoes and track pants. Instead, it just means setting aside anything you’re focusing on at that moment and choosing to spend time outside of your house. On many days, we’re so swamped by stress from work, family, and personal matters, that we forget to give ourselves a break. The walk ensures you put all things on pause, and give yourself the time that you deserve.