The Secret To The Perfect Banana Bread

Banana Bread is one of the most regal tea-time desserts. A bite of the soft and airy goodness with a sip of tea just elevates the overall experience of the day. However, when baking at home, people do struggle to make the perfect banana bread. This article will explain to you how you can make the perfect banana bread without too much of a struggle.

It is necessary to use overripe bananas, otherwise, your banana bread will have a grassy flavor. Go to the grocery store and get all the dark and mushy bananas for your tea-time snacks. A lot of people struggle with the choice of butter and oil. Butter does elevate the flavor of your bread, however, oil not only elevates the flavor but also leads to a softer and moist final product. Begin your recipe by mashing your mushy bananas. If you could not get overripe bananas then just turn on your oven and heat them for a while until they are dark. This will lead to the darkening of the bananas and these bananas will as a result release their sugars which will give the bread a very good caramelized flavor. Set your mashed bananas aside.

In another bowl, add your eggs and sugar. Beat until the sugar and the egg mixture gets extremely pale and the egg changes color. Add in good quality vanilla essence that will get rid of the weird egg smell. After your egg mixture is ready, add in your flour and the mashed bananas. Avoid overmixing at this stage, otherwise, the dough will begin with the gluten formation which will turn your bread to taste like starch. You can also add in chocolate chips, Nutella, walnuts, or pecans. Bake it for 30-35 mins and serve warm with a cup of coffee.