The Secrets Of Making A Friend Group Last A Lifetime

Having a solid group of good, understanding, loving and supportive friends is a necessary part of growing up, having a thriving social life and getting through the surprises that life sometimes throws at us. And although sometimes friends of course will always come and go, what do lifelong groups of friends do to maintain their relationship through all the years?

They all have their own strengths and unique personality.

Similar to any cartoon super power team, each member has their own strengths that they contribute to making their team even stronger.


They know when to be alone.

The idea of being together all the time may sound fun, but too much time can sometimes be unhealthy. From time to time a break can be beneficial for a group of friends to take some alone time or be with other people too.


They support each other.

A supportive friend group should feel no problem asking their friends for anything and everything, whether it be helping moving homes or asking for emotional support through a difficult times. Forever friends are those you can always count on to be there.


They have traditions.

We all love traditions with friends, whether it be an annual trip of the summer, a holiday party together, or even weekend brunch, it’s an important part of a healthy and happy group of friends.


They have one-on-one bonds too.

Although being together is the absolute best, a strong friend group will always make it a priority to invest time in one-on-one relationships and time with each member of the group.


They don’t let distance get in the way.

Life can take us to many different places, but a lifetime group of friends will not let distance get in the way of staying in touch regularly and maintaining their relationship.