The Socially Distant 2 Metre Sandwich

Ethan Rodgers, a seriously creative and unique English Chef has recently come up with a socially distant sandwich for those still feeling on-edge about returning to the office during these strange and uncertain times. His sausage and bacon baguette measuring 2 meters long (6.5 feet), is the ultimate lunch special, and especially so when it comes to staying safe.  Rodgers managed to turn his dream into reality with the help of a local butcher, deli, bakery, and restaurant, and has named his socially distant sandwich the ‘Back To Work Baguette’. It’s currently being sold for 20 pounds in Gloucestershire.  

The massive and mouthwatering sandwich is intended to be enough for two people to share for lunch without breaking any of the regulations of social distancing, and of course, without having to feel uncomfortable either. Since the food industry is likely to be the last to open up again as the situation gradually improves, Rodgers has shared that he and his team felt the need to do something fun and stand out, rather than just selling take away coffees like everywhere else. As measures started to ease up, people started asking about sandwiches, which is where he came up with this ingenious idea of a socially distant sandwich that still manages to bring people close together (figuratively, don’t worry).

They are also offering a delivery service for small villages further away from the city center, delivering both the sandwiches, as well as prepared meals and pastries. And whether or not this socially distant sandwich will be ordered in the future when we go back to our normal routines without any kind of restrictions (hopefully very soon!), we nonetheless applaud Ethan Rodgers for his incredible efforts and would absolutely love to try this socially distant sandwich mainly due to its size and meat contents – safety aside.