The South African Icon

Many people believe Nelson Mandela to be the founding father of South Africa. Mandela fought for people hurt by the racial segregation system since he was an anti-Apartheid campaigner. All races were kept apart from one another under the racist apartheid system. As a civil rights activist, Mandela inspired many people to rebel against the Apartheid regime. Mandela played a significant role in the negotiations in 1994 for the liberation and equality of all South Africans. Later, he was elected president of South Africa in a democratic election.

Mandela put together a covert military advancement when the government outlawed the ANC for discriminatory reasons. He had participated in nonviolent rallies in the past, but when the government responded violently, he turned to support an armed movement. Mandela served as a rallying point for the oppressed in South Africa who were struggling for rights while he was incarcerated. Mandela served a prison sentence for treason and conspiring against the government from 1962 to 1990. He was given a life sentence but was eventually freed when the ANC was made legitimate once more.

While incarcerated, he continued his activity both inside and outside the facility. Other convicts viewed him as a mentor and learned about nonviolent resistance from him. Additionally, he wrote letters to others and served as a steadfast representative of the anti-apartheid cause. Right present, South Africa is a fully democratic nation. Mandela guaranteed that no one would face prejudice because of the color of their skin and helped stop a civil conflict. Mandela established the Nelson Mandela Foundation after leaving politics. The United Nations declared July 18th, Mandela’s birthday, to be Nelson Mandela International Day in 2009. In honor of the 67 years he spent working for change, the holiday encourages individuals to volunteer for 67 minutes. Hats out to a Legend even in death.