The Sportiest Dogs in the Whole World

We all know that dogs are the champions when it comes to being good boys and good girls. But these animals are even more than that. Some dogs are very passionate about sports and really enjoy practising and becoming better athletes every day. We would even dare to say some dogs are better athletes than their owners – and here’s our proof.


This dog is a better skateboarder than Tony Hawk.


Labrador puppy on a skateboard

Getty Images / Image Source / Kevin Kozicki


Just look at his self-awareness. This dog clearly knows what he’s doing. Judging by his face and confidence, he probably practices very often and enjoys being outdoors rolling around on his skateboard.


The number-one frisbee champion.


Border collie catching plastic disc in midair

Getty Images / DigitalVision / John Giustina


Have you ever seen anyone jump so high to catch a frisbee? This dog is definitely not messing around. While we have no evidence that he is a frisbee championship winner anywhere, we can definitely confirm that this good boy is the biggest frisbee champion in our hearts.


Medina has nothing on this guy.


Dog on pink surfboard in the sea

Getty Images / EyeEm / Tony Andrews


The poise, the elegance, the talent. This dog is ready to enter all surfing competitions around the world. There is nothing he can’t do, and this picture is evidence of that. While most dogs beg their owners to go for walks in the park, this one probably just wants to catch a few waves…


Who says you need a racket to play tennis?


Dog catching tennis ball in mid air

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Jetta Productions Inc


Not only is this dog super adorable, but he is also reinventing the rules of tennis. While everyone believes you need a racket to play the sport, here is this dog proving us all wrong. Soon this will be the new tennis champion of the world.