The Studypod To Work In Nature

More and more people are starting to work from home in recent times, if they are, of course, fortunate enough to be able to continue from home. And although it’s surely a blessing to be able to work from the comfort and safety of our own homes, spending so much time at home can be a real challenge – without privacy from your family or roommates, without much fresh air, as many of you can surely relate to right now, right? Well, for that very reason, Livit, a Norweign design studio came with a creative and unique solution to this problem. 

Their innovative creation actually helps people working from home feel closer to nature by offering a detached office cabin to provide remote workers with an isolated workspace with a view – without ever having to actually leave their homes. It’s been named the Studypod, and can be placed in your very own backyard, offering an easy and fast commute to the office.  According to studies, being surrounded by nature is beneficial for not only our productivity and ability to learn, but even for our mental health – which is especially important right now while many of us are stuck at home. 

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The Studypod has got one large window in the front to feel as though you’re actually working in nature, while still having the shelter over you need to be more comfortable.  And if you’re looking to use this Studypop for purposes other than working from home, you can take out the detachable desk and use it as a workout studio, extra bedroom or really a room for just about anything! The only downside about this isolated office is the price that it is unsurprisingly not exactly cheap, starting at $13,500, even though it’s only 38 square feet. But according to the company, it can still fit a king-size bed. Is it worth it? Well, you’re just going to have to try it yourself and see!