The Tastiest Homemade Alfredo

We have all struggled once or now to achieve that perfect white sauce at home. Sometimes we can’t even figure out the perfect ratio and run towards a restaurant because who can actually resist a good white sauce alfredo pasta? This article will teach you the perfect way to make the best pasta at home. This is your time to impress all of your family and friends to make this happen.

The first thing to make a very good white sauce pasta is to boil the pasta at a perfect temperature with a perfect salt and water ratio. This means that less salt will make the pasta bland and more salt will just ruin the entire balance of flavors. Start by boiling a pan and adding in a tablespoon of salt and add in your pasta. Do not forget to stir occasionally. Furthermore, you could even add in some color if you want your pasta to feel more yellow. Step 2 is to ensure a good sauce. There are multiple variations available in the market but you could always change up the consistency according to your preference. Start by heating your pan and add in 5 tablespoons of butter. After the butter is melted you can add in 3 tablespoons of flour. Cook the flour until you see a brownish mixture. This will help you to deliver a unified flavor. Furthermore, you can always add in the milk and cream. This is what forms the perfect consistency. You can also add in some oregano. The secret ingredient to the perfect restaurant-style sauce is chicken powder. Add a tablespoon of your favorite chicken powder and heat until well dissolved. Grill the chicken after marinating it with salt, pepper and some chili flakes if you like some extra spice. Serve after mixing everything well. Your pasta is ready.