The Ultimate ‘Cat Lover’ Fashion

How much do you love your cat? No, really; how much?

If you’re anything like the 60 million people who have watched this amazing video, then you clearly love your cat an inexplicable, unimaginable amount. Now there’s a way to prove your love day after day with this unique (and totally not weird at all…) sweatshirt that’s designed to hold your cat in an innovative pouch that keeps both you and your feline comfy and warm!

KittyRoo Jumper

People are actually buying this jumper

Posted by LADbible on Friday, February 17, 2017

Gone are the days of having to wear a sweatshirt that doesn’t support your cat, or having to share a blanket with the whiskered population, because the inventors of this over-sized cat-fitting sweater have enlightened us with the give we never knew we needed!