Our Favorite Unlikely Animal Friendships Of 2017

Animals are living proof that friendship and special bonds occur naturally, and reign supreme to hate, exclusion, and separation. These are our favorite examples of heartwarming friendships that go beyond the ‘norm’ of animal species, and fill our souls with hope, love, and warm fuzzies.

1. This Golden Retriever and Pet Duck Combo

2. This Adorable Kitty Sandwich

3. Some Rhino-Kitten Snuggles

4. Same same, but different.

We are grass eating pros now! We did learn from the best ??

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5. This total chick magnet.

Julie and ??

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6. These Sleepy Siblings

7. A different type of piggy-back ride…

8. A seriously stunning pair.

9. This super intense staring contest.

10. These Dreamy Fluff Balls

11. Not much in common but a whole lot of bonding 🙂

12. And a sloppy kiss from goat’s best friend