The Yummiest December Food Holidays

Let’s be honest. With Christmas right around the corner, food is pretty much on our minds all the time lately. Luckily, December has a few other holidays that we didn’t know about and they just happen to be totally devoted to food…Here are this month’s national food holidays which guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit.


December 1: National Pie Day



Getty Images/Tom Merton/OJO Images


Not that we needed an excuse to crave some delicious pie. But just in case we did, here it is! The first day of the last month of the year is devoted to this beloved American dessert and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, considering that the holidays are right around the corner. From lemon meringue to cherry, the options are truly endless.


December 17: National Maple Syrup Day



Getty Images/Alexander Spatari/Moment


What’s a stack of pancakes without some maple syrup drizzled generously over it? The answer is nothing because as much as we love pancakes, they’re nothing without their partner in crime, syrup. Luckily, lovers of this sweet sauce can enjoy it with basically any food, including bacon, salmon, and yes, even chicken.


December 30: National Bacon Day


pan bacon

Getty Images/Jena Ardell/Moment


What’s that? An entire day of December devoted to our favorite breakfast staple? Yes, please! We’re not sure who’s coming up with these national food holidays but whoever it really deserves to get a pay raise for this one. In fact, promote them to the manager, because a national bacon day is exactly what we need more of in this world.